Bad Golfers Association of Citrus Hills Raises Funds to Support the CFBCC

The Bad Golfers Association (BGA) of Citrus Hills recently held a charity golf tournament and raised $2331 to benefit the Community Food Bank of Citrus County. The BGA consists of approximately 40 golfers who get together twice a week and enjoy a round of golf and fellowship. This “Bad But Proud” group was founded by avid golfers whose love for the game far exceeds their ability to play it, and they aren’t afraid to admit it!

“We realize that there is a real need for families that are unemployed to feed their families. Without your help there would be many families in Citrus County who would go hungry. Our members recognize the good work you and your volunteers do for so many in need. Thank you for all you do.” Len Ciriello, BGA

Special thank you to the BGA for their generous support.  We could not do what we do without you!